Michael “Ned” Nedwidek

Operations Manager

Ned is a magician. He's the man that makes products appear in our customer’s hands in a timely manner, and he often pulls trade shows out of his hat. His positive, friendly personality makes him fun to work with, and his logistical mind makes him a crucial component, not only to our team, but to our shipping relationships and our customers’ projects. Ned's daily work includes handling all aspects of receiving, storing and delivering inventory. And his trade show magic gets quite a bit of stage time as well. Prior to joining CaraGreen, Ned was the warehouse manager for CaraGreen’s affiliate, SitzerSpuria. Ned has over 20 years of experience receiving, handling, storing and delivering various materials. Education-wise, Ned earned his BS from North Carolina State University. He is truly our master magician - or is it logistician...

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Michael “Ned” Nedwidek

Operations Manager

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