March Vignette - Squaring Off

From Back to Front:

Kirei - EchoScreen, Off The Grid, 325
Wonderwall Studios - Jungle
IceStone - Cobalt Ice 
PaperStone - Azure
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Blue, 5024
Lapitec - Fossil, Bianco Polare

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February Vignette - Feeling the Love

Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002 (left)
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 3020 (right)

Heart, Clockwise Starting at the Bottom:
Durat - 450 
Durat - 150
Kirei - EchoPanel, 576 
IceStone - Morrocan Red 
reSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Pinku
Kirei - EchoPanel, 258 

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Modern Surfaces Collection Bumps Quartz

Apologies to the hundreds of quartz companies out there peddling Chinese, Indian, and South American quartz, but your days are numbered.  With quartz flooding the market, and fabricators stockpiling containers, private labeling, and bringing in multiple brands without loyalty, the door has opened for alternative materials.  Durat, PaperStone, and IceStone surfaces with recycled content have positioned themselves as the perfect oasis for designers and architects who are drowning in copycat quartz collections. These three brands have partnered to offer durable and beautiful alternatives that have a good backstory as well as a refined palette to make surfacing decisions easy and respectable.  For more information on the collection, or to follow their journey as they roll out the collection, email or follow us on instagram @modernsurfaces.

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January Vignette - Fresh Start

From Back to Front:

IceStone - Sapphire Snow 
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood,White 9003
Kirei - EchoPanel, Striae, 448 
Kirei - EchoPanel, Hex, 444
Durat - Custom color 
Bark House - White Birch Laminate

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Want to See NEW Surfacing Material in 2017?

Stop by our booth, #S5878, at KBIS and check out our suite of new, unique, modern surfaces that are tailored for the architect and design community to help them Create Better.

Create Better designs.  Create Better spaces. Create Better projects. Come see how we have taken sustainability and beauty and melded them together across economical, creative surfacing options to help you take your designs to the next level. We have products that pop with color, have outstanding durability, and have compelling backstories that will motivate any designer to incorporate them into their next project to truly make a statement.

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October Vignette - Trick or Treat

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Vee Tile, 151
Wonderwall Studios - Jagger 
ReSAWN Timber - Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Matsu
Kirei - EchoPanel, Ceremony 554
IceStone - Tuscan Sunset
Durat - 480
Durat - 062

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Create Better

      *Visit us at GreenBuild in LA at booth #2711, October 5-6

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August Vignette - Dreaming of Cooler Weather

From Back to Front:

Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Wonderwall - Sand
PaperStone - Pewter
IceStone - Denim Moss
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Durat - 230

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Three of a Kind

Durat continues to expand its reach into New York and New England with a new distribution partner, IceStone. Complementing its other modern surfaces, Durat solid surface brings an attractive aesthetic unmatched by virtually every other solid surface. Along with PaperStone phenolic composite and its signature IceStone concrete and glass, Durat is NSF certified, has high recycled content and is an essential tool in every design library. For more information on Durat, please contact

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July Vignette - Summer Blues

From Back to Front:

Torzo - Blue Stain Pine
Kirei - Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Kirei - EchoPanel, Trapeze 443
Koskisen - KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Lapitec - Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
IceStone - Denim Moss

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June Vignette - Summer Summer Summer Time

From Top to Bottom:

Durat - 800
KoskiDecor - Eco Transparent, Yellow 1018
Kirei EchoPanel - 381, 576
reSAWN Timber - Ao
IceStone - Denim Moss
Plyboo - Natural Edge Grain
Tuscan Marble - Arctic White

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February Vignette - Livin’ in the City

Our whole suite of Modern Surfaces:

Merge Design
ReSawn Timber

Come Visit!

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January Vignette - Lose Your Marble

From top to bottom:

Durat, 540
Durat, 100
IceStone, White Pearl
IceStone, Alpine White
PaperStone, Pewter
Durat, 030
Durat, 730
PaperStone marble

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December Vignette - Happy Holidays!

Tree: Kirei, EchoPanel, Geometry Tiles, Delta, #362

Star: IceStone, Tuscan Sunset

Ornaments: Durat, #230, #450, #470, #750, #090, #370, #012, #150, #480, #080

Trunk: ReSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Tora (cypress)

Tree Stand: PaperStone, Evergreen

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A Note of Thanks

Thanks to all of our partners and suppliers that worked to make GreenBuild a success.  It was as much fun as it was work, maybe a little heavy on the fun.  But we loved working with the great network of partners that is making Modern Surfaces come to life.  There are options after granite and quartz, and we are bringing them to you at the right time, the right price and to the right, leading edge design group that wants to get out from under the heavy thumb of the mining industry.  PEACE OF MIND not PIECE OF MINED, we say!

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October Vignette - Haunted Harvest

From bottom to top:

Kirei Coco Tile, Java Collection, Losari Leather
Durat, 480
IceStone, Gotham Grey
Kirei Echo Panel, Ceremony Print #122
Bark House, Maple Twig
reSawn Timber, Shou Sugi Ban, Hai (cypress)

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There is Life After Granite

Thanks to all who attended our Modern Surfaces webinar on October 8th.  We received great feedback and agreement on the evolution of the surfacing market and the increasing adoption of sustainable materials by the current design contingent (and the waning desire for stone).  Good news for PaperStone, Merge, IceStone and Durat.  To schedule an in person presentation or webinar, please call 919-929-3009. 

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No Junk in Your GreenBuild Trunk

When is a countertop not a countertop?  When it's wearable art.
Bucking the trend of logoed pens and water bottles, we have commissioned three renowned artists to create amazing jewelry pieces from our modern surface materials.  Want a chance to win one?  Stop by the "modern surfaces" booth - 4128 - at GreenBuild. 
Email if you want a scheduled time.

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September Vignette - Fall Fantasy

We are getting our game on this September by recruiting the best lineup of our vibrant autumn colors for this month's vignette.

From bottom to top

Barkhouse, Sanded Poplar, White Birch
IceStone, Amber Pearl
Durat, 110, 450, 480
PaperStone, Cabernet

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This House is Just Cool

The most popular draw at GreenBuild last year, the Unity Home, is now even cooler with the addition of IceStone as the countertop for the 2015 GreenBuild show.  This modern surface of concrete and recycled glass and its progressive leadership will be on hand at the Modern Surfaces booth (Booth space: 4128) to answer any questions about “Life After Granite.”

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July Vignette - Rolling Stones

From bottom to top:
Durat - #110
EcoFusion - Color Fusion Strand Woven Bamboo, Morning Mist
PaperStone - Graphite
PaperStone - Cabernet & Slate (the stones)
IceStone - Amber Pearl
Torzo - Tiikeri, Natural
Durat - #441, #450, & #260


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Summer Vignette - Fireworks and FIFA

Let's hope Team USA's ladies can kick soccer's reputation up a notch with a win this Independence Day Weekend.

From bottom to top:
Bark House, Standard Poplar
PaperStone, Graphite
IceStone, Cobalt Ice and Sapphire Snow
Durat, 100, 080, 450 and 012 (the ring)

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May Vignette - May Flowers

Stem: Bark House, Maple Pole
Leaves: IceStone, Forest Fern, Sage Pearl, & Denim Moss
Petals: Durat, 450, 150, 100, 090, 480, 370, 910, & 750
Center: EcoFusion, Morning Mist 
Background: Kirei Geometry Tile, 362

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March Vignette - March Madness: NC in the Sweet 16

From back to front:

Durat, 450 
Plyboo, Reveal Panel, C9
IceStone, Sky Pearl
Kirei, EchoPanel, 273

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Beyond the Surface: Our latest course on what is next for sustainable products

CaraGreen has launched its latest Continuing Education course, Beyond the Surface: a look at modern surfacing options in 2015 and beyond. The course looks at trends in surfacing and provides the design community with options and alternatives to traditional materials.   For architects and designers looking for that new material that makes a statement, this is the course for you.  The course is eligible for one AIA HSW LU.  Please contact us to schedule a time at:



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Book an Event with CaraGreen

It is not easy to remember everything that CaraGreen carries, so we offer refreshers in the following formats, schedule yours today (

-  Product showcase at your location
-  Hosted visit at our showroom
-  Webex event
-  AIA CE course, GBCI CE course (call for options)

As a quick refresher, our lines extend from the floor to the ceiling – the whole sustainable interior envelope – and include:


-  PaperStone
-  Merge Design
-  IceStone
-  Durat
-  TorZo


-  ECOfusion flooring
-  BABA flooring
-  Plyboo flooring


-  Kirei EchoPanel
-  BarkHouse
-  Kirei board
-  Plyboo plywood
-  UltraTouch insulation
-  TorZo surfaces

Caragreen Swatches

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The Southeast just got a lot cooler

CaraGreen is now the exclusive distributor of IceStone in the Southeast.  We are so excited to work with this modern surfacing material, and the great team of people that have worked to make IceStone the amazing product that it is today.

If you have not looked at IceStone lately, call for samples now (919.929.3009) or email (  IceStone combines concrete, glass and mother of pearl to create vibrant surfacing options that are great alternatives to natural stone and allow designers and homeowners to create unique, memorable spaces.  Their newest color, Gotham Grey, marries a dark grey background with amber and mirrored glass to create a striking combination.  For Gotham Grey or any other samples of IceStone, just ask us to send them, we will be cool with it.

Icestone Colors


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Madonna Was Wrong!!

It sure didn't feel like we were living in a material world at GreenBuild last week.  The show standouts for materials were PaperStone, IceStone, and Kirei who were showing what is in vogue for sustainable finishes.  Cosentino was there with their Dekton and ECO lines, and there were a few other regional players, but overall the interior finishes were underrepresented.

But, what an opportunity to shine!  The architects and designers were clamoring to see the new textured finishes from PaperStone and some of their new "beta" colors as they test the market appetite for their new palette.   IceStone displayed their new two-toned Gotham Grey - which was emphatically received by the "who's who" of the architecture world.  Kirei had a stunning display of EchoPanel in its vibrant colors and shapes on display. We are very excited to roll these out to our customer base over the next few months.  And don't worry Madonna - we are still crazy for you too.

Greenbuild 2014


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September Vignette - Cool Fall Arrives

From bottom to top:
Torzo, Blue Stain Pine
IceStone, Sky Pearl

Bark House, Poplar Interior Panel
Kirei EchoPanel, 12mm Color 551



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August Vignette - Back to School

From bottom to top:
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface #090 & #054
Plyboo, Reveal Panel C11
PaperStone, Panel in Evergreen
IceStone, Recycled glass countertop in Cobalt Ice

Back to School


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July Vignette - Summer Thunderstorm

From bottom to top:
PaperStone, countertop/panel in Denim
Kirei, EchoPanel Frequency #544
ECOFusion, Morning Mist, ColorFusion flooring
IceStone, Recycled glass countertop in Fogbound


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We love IceStone’s vanity…and you will too!

Especially at these prices.  People don’t like to buy a full slab of this beautiful concrete and glass and see a third or half of it scrapped in the back lot of a fabricator.  IceStone is stepping up to offer a half slab and vanity program to enable people who really want to use this gorgeous material to be able to do so at a price that reflects what they need.    The fabricator can still customize any cutouts or edging, but we are sparing the waste and helping you get the cost-effective countertop that others will envy.  That is definitely something to brag about.


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June Vignette - Let’s Go To The Beach!

From bottom to top:
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #090
Oceanside, Recycled glass tile in Tide Non-Iridescent
Paperstone, Compressed paper panel in Denim
Icestone, Concrete and recycled glass countertop in Denim Moss
ECOfusion, Vertical grain bamboo veneer in Natural

June Vignette

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IceStone – Want to sell it?  Get Authorized by CaraGreen

Not just anyone can sell this stunning countertop material.  You must register and be trained to properly represent IceStone.  CaraGreen is here to help you do that. Please email us if you are interested in being an authorized retailer or certified fabricator, and we will make sure you are trained and set up by the rep in your region.  The program is set up to make sure the product is accurately represented, handled and maintained by everyone in the supply chain, and to ensure happy customers.
To get on board, please email
icestone logo

icestone detail

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May Vignette - Lush Greens and Sunny Skies

From bottom to top:
Oceanside, Hexagon tile in Olive Non-Iridescent
Durat, Recycled Solid Surface, #110
TorZo, Orient panel in Natural
Paperstone, panel in Evergreen
Icestone, Recycled glass countertop in Forest Fern

May Vignette

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Everything’s Cool with IceStone

Meet the latest addition to our suite of sustainable countertop materials:  IceStone. 

IceStone has been on the market for over a decade, with installations all over the world; brightening and jazzing up commercial and residential projects with its lighter colors and recycled glass blends. IceStone, based in Brooklyn, has undergone a massive transformation in the last few years, rebranding itself as a healthy, sustainable and beautiful countertop option. The company has shored up its manufacturing, increased product quality, and through its comprehensive fabrication training and maintenance guidelines has improved handling and maintenance. IceStone is the only Cradle to Cradle Certified concrete countertop on the market and the company recycles over 90% of its waste, by recycling water and reclaiming materials used in its manufacturing process.

Call or email to get new samples of IceStone today (919-929-3009),

For library updates, please contact

IceStone Kitchen

Plain and Fancy

International Finance Bank

Benning Public Library

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