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Lapitec Announces Availability of Silica Free Surfacing 

View and Download the Lapitec Silica Free Presentation here! 

Sintered stone manufacturer, Lapitec, has announced the availability of its sintered stone using its patented Biorite (bee-oh-ree-tay) mineral, which is completely free of crystalline silica.  

This milestone highlights a decade of collaboration between Breton S.p.A and Lapitec to formulate a proprietary mineral that offers an alternative to crystalline silica, which, when airborne particles are respirated, can cause illness and lung disease.

Lapitec sintered stone is considered “geology in a factory” where its engineered surfaces are formed using just minerals, heat, compression and proprietary technology to eliminate the use of resins, and now, crystalline silica as well. Sintered stone is the evolution of quartz, also founded by Breton, and boasts UV stability, increased durability, multiple textures, and increased scratch and stain resistance.

Lapitec already boasts silica free in its Musa veined collection and Bianco Assoluto colors, but this most recent announcement extends that claim to its Grigio Cemento and Nero Antracite colors. The company plans to complete the transition of the rest of its product line to silica free by year end.

Silicosis became a major concern in the U.S. in recent years, with OSHA guidance going into place in 2018.  Exposed workers have filed lawsuits against companies that did not use proper protective measures. When cutting materials that contain silica, water must be used to prevent the dust becoming airborne and masks should be worn at all times. The new OSHA guidance puts limits on exposure to crystalline silica.

Patented in 2021, Biorite is formed at nearly 1600 degrees Celsius and is comprised of a mix of minerals that do not require use of crystalline silica, allowing Lapitec to eliminate the dangerous mineral from its sintered stone line.

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