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Keep Your Guard Up

Lapitec continues to back up its claims of being the best new sintered stone on the market. Recently achieving GreenGuard certification, Lapitec continues to outpace competitors with its constant achievements in the sintered stone space. Perfect for outdoor kitchens, countertops, flooring, wall and exterior cladding, Lapitec is available in 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm thicknesses. Unlike other sintered stones, Lapitec is through body, so the color and patterning are consistent throughout the slabs. Other sintered stones are simply printed on top, making edging difficult. For samples or to become certified please email brenna@caragreen.com.

July Vignette – Summer Blues

From Back to Front:

Torzo – Blue Stain Pine
Kirei – Coco Tiles, Java Collection, Yogya White
Kirei – EchoPanel, Trapeze 443
Koskisen – KoskiDecor Eco Transparent Decorative Plywood, Blue RAL 5024
Lapitec – Vesuvio, Bianco Polare
IceStone – Denim Moss

Upgrade Your Library

Lapitec samples have arrived.  A must have for a design library and a necessity for a fabricator showroom, don’t miss your chance to add this leading edge product to your offering.  You must be a certified fabricator to work with Lapitec, and CaraGreen is working to fulfill all of your library requests so you can start working with what is truly the best performing material on the market.  To request your binder, please contact brenna@caragreen.com.

Keeping You in the Know – Lapitec

Please join us for a webinar to break down the latest and greatest in surfacing – Sintered Stone.  On August 3 at 2pm we will be sharing all of the amazing features and traits of Lapitec, the newest product to hit the surfacing market.  Unlike quartz, Lapitec contains no petroleum-based resins, resulting in a product suitable for interior and exterior use…. The solution for outdoor kitchens has finally arrived.  Available in seven textures and three thicknesses, the applications are endless.  Join us to get up to speed on this versatile, cutting edge material. To register for “Intro to Lapitec” please click here.  Please email info@caragreen.com for more information.

The Highest Performance Surface is Here – You need to know about this

The next generation of surfacing is finally here.  Lapitec sintered stone is stain and scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant.  Unlike granite and Quartz which are mined from stone quarries as large blocks and cut into slabs, Lapitec is formed under high heat using no resins and has a very low silica content compared to stone-based products. Lapitec is available in 3cm, 2cm and 1.2cm thicknesses and 7 different finishes, ranging from high gloss Lux to more textured Fossil and Vesuvio.   Lapitec XXL Slabs are 132” x 59” and suitable for outdoor use, flooring and exterior cladding, as well as countertop applications.  Unlike other sintered stone, Lapitec is through body color and veining, meaning the color and patterning goes all the way through the slab.  Other sintered stone products are printed on top and edging becomes difficult.

CaraGreen is currently accepting applicants who want to join the certified fabricator network.  If you are interested in becoming Lapitec certified, please email brenna@caragreen.com.  If you are interested in getting Lapitec samples, please email kim@caragreen.com.

Problem SOLVED

The next new material has finally arrived and it solves nearly all the problems surfacing has experienced over the last century.  Lapitec, a sintered stone, is formed from minerals compressed under high heat into 1, 2 or 3cm slabs.  Unrivaled by any existing material on the market, Lapitec is acid, alkali, heat, frost, abrasion and UV resistant.  It is suitable for interiors and exteriors and is available in seven different finishes.  Superior to quartz, and a more modern aesthetic than many quartz finishes, Lapitec takes engineered stone to the next level of engineering.  Already wildly popular in Europe, Lapitec has officially launched in the US. CaraGreen is proud to be the distributor of this revolutionary new material in the Southeast.

For more information email jessica@caragreen.com.