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Design something simple…or spectacular! Use EchoPanel® flat panels adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound absorption up to .85 NRC, or custom cut and print EchoPanel® to create sculptural elements that hide acoustic control in plain sight.


Durat is a unique solid surface material that can be used to create seamless surfaces for any custom project including countertops, desks, tables, integrated sinks, bathtubs, shower trays and stools. Durat is made with up to 28% recycled hard plastics.


PaperStone is a composite material made from recycled paper and phenolic resin. The panels are attractive, durable, and warm to the touch. PaperStone is most often used for countertops and furniture but also as interior and exterior cladding.

Arbor Wood Co.

Arbor Wood Co. produces Thermally Modified Wood (TMW) for outdoor and indoor applications including siding, decking, and millwork. The process modifies domestically-sourced wood using only heat and steam, resulting in a performance-driven material that sustains the natural beauty of wood without harsh chemicals.


Organoid produces beautiful natural surfaces out of alpine hay, flower petals, wool, moss, and other raw materials found in Austria. Depending on the carrier selected for the surface, the product can be used for wall coverings, furniture accents, flooring, acoustic panels, packaging, and much more.


Koskisen decorative plywood is made of Finnish baltic birch. Both sides of the plywood are coated with colored translucent melamine. The translucent coating emphasizes the natural wood grain and is protected by a transparent durable melamine film. Koskisen is a finished product, ideal for furniture and millwork.

Sorghum Board

Sorghum Board is a lightweight and durable sheet product made from reclaimed sorghum stalks, a by-product of the food industry that is often burned or thrown into landfills. Sorghum Board is a great substitute for wood in furniture, cabinetry, casework, signage, and wall panels.

Wheat Board

Wheat Board is an eco-friendly alternative to MDF fiber board, made of wheat straw, a by-product of harvesting wheat. It is perfect for cabinetry, casework, wall panels, and furniture in both commercial and residential spaces.

Havelock Wool

Havelock Wool batts are comprised of 100% wool for a healthy home. Unlike other options, there is no synthetic mix in their products, which means there is no glue, no formaldehyde, and no harmful chemicals of any sort. They do not require protective clothing or safety equipment like respirators, gloves or heavy clothing to install: they are safe to the touch.