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You’re so veined.

It is not quartz.  It is not soild surface.  It is not printed porcelain.  That is Lapitec sintered stone.    The marble look is hot right now and for the first time, you can get it in sintered stone with…

Biomimicry and Building Materials – What You Need to Know

Imagine spending four billion years in school.  That is a lot of education, and it forms the baseline for everything around us as we know it. For billions of years, nature has been adapting and evolving to changing temperatures, sea levels, climates, canopies and weather patterns, constantly learning and adjusting to survive.


Building has evolved for a few thousand years, starting with rocks, peaking with glass-clad high rises across the globe, and now settling back into an attempted harmony with nature.  


We are optimistic about the trend of bringing nature into the space through Biophilic Design, and we are eager to see more widespread adoption of Biomimicry on its heels.