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Modular Construction Goes Green

I like the idea of modular construction.     Building blocks mass-produced in a facility and assembled together like the copious Lego semi-finished assemblies that clutter my children’s dressers, floors, and desks.  Complete rooms or floors of offices, hotels or homes,…

July Vignette – See Right Through You

July Vignette – See Right Through You Products (background): elementAl LIGHT – Soft White   Products (clockwise from top left): Kirei – EchoPanel, Frequency 641 elementAl LIGHT – Sunlight, Gamma, LED Lapitec – Nero Assoluto, Lux Kirei – Kirei Board

April Vignette – I Wanna Hex You Up

In North Carolina, April means it's pollen season. And while it sure makes our eyes water, its striking color inspired us to make a vignette that incorporates the sneeze-worthy shades of North Carolina Spring, paired with some cool blues, captivating…

Warm Walls Welcome Wood: the Biophilic Design Benefits of Wood

Accent walls are a common design element in spaces where you are using a lot of neutral colors or hard surfaces and you want an organic or eye-catching element to draw the occupant’s attention.  As more and more attention turns to biophilic design, these features wall have taken on a decidedly ‘nature-like’ appeal and can really accomplish the elusive feat of bringing the outdoors in.