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Best in Class – reSAWN Timber

reSAWN Timber was one of the first to come to market with its Charred Collection of Shou Sugi Ban Woods. Using Cypress, they launched a full line of colorful charred wood; an aesthetic designers were clamoring for and excited about. They then launched a line of Western Red Cedar for the west coast market, and then added the even more durable Accoya and Kebony charred lines. Never ones to sit and wait for the next innovation, reSAWN innovates constantly, improving and excelling in their market. Widely known as the best in Charred Timber, reSAWN leads the pack with its technology and color offerings. To get samples of their Charred Collection, please call 919.929.3009 or email resawn@caragreen.com.

Let’s Talk About Ex

Exteriors that is. At CaraGreen, we have typically curated materials that are suited for indoor use, but with the innovative companies with whom we partner, these beautiful materials are making their way outdoors as well. Check out these materials for commercial and residential use outdoors:

  • reSAWN Charred and reclaimed cladding – cypress, cedar, Accoya and Kebony woods for use as beautiful, unique siding or cladding
  • Lapitec sintered stone- the next big thing – this will replace granite and quartz as the defacto exterior material with unmatched performance, and 8 textures, making it suitable for any application, flooring on up
  • PaperStone Cladding – organic and warm to the touch, PaperStone Cladding is available in a matte finish or wood grain and is an economical, environmental alternative to stone veneers

September Vignette – Fall Feelings

From Back to Front: ReSawn Timber Co – Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Iruka Cypress ECOfusion – Strand Woven Bamboo, Midnight Sky Kirei – Geometry Tiles, Delta, #542 Kirei – Geometry Tiles, Oblong, #579 ​Kirei – EchoPanel, Ceremony, #122

There Once Was A Tradeshow In Dallas

Our first time at Metrocon in Dallas was a tremendous success. Sporting the Modern Surfaces collection along with reSAWN Timber’s Charred wood, Wonderwall’s reclaimed wood and Kosisen’s transparent colored plywood, CaraGreen’s booth was unmatched. With our Create Better backdrop we showed Texas that everything is Better in North Carolina. An untapped market for many of the brands, the attendees were clamoring to get samples and information and find a way to use the innovative PaperStone, and colorful Durat on their projects. Our Biophilic Design presentation was sold out and we received great feedback on the topic and great booth traffic afterward from those who attended. Thank you Texas for the hospitality, now, back to Raleigh!

What is SuperKü​l?

reSAWN Timber continues to add to its charred Shou Sugi Ban collection with the Kebony series. SuperKül is one of the options that uses the patented Kebony technique of modifying the wood cell walls to make the material harder and suitable for outdoor use. The process uses an environmentally friendly, bio-based liquid to make softwoods such as pine much harder, and more dimensionally stable, while sporting the beautiful aesthetic of charred Shou Sugi Ban.

For samples of SuperKul and other reSAWN charred options, email resawn@caragreen.com.

What’s New

Durat – residential sinks – we are introducing 9” deep fully integrated Durat sinks to our collection for Farmhouse styles and kitchen applications, available in 70 vibrant colors. PaperStone –  new colors Azure and Charcoal, as well as exterior cladding…

Burning Love

Chattanooga, Tennessee is home to the newly opened Songbirds Guitar Museum. This is the premier collection of vintage guitars in the world, displayed artistically throughout the beautifully designed space. ReSAWN Charred Timber adorns the walls in the Hai finish – the darkest, most charred version of Shou Sugi Ban. The owners and guests of the museum love the dark contrast between the burned timbers and the showpiece guitars, which are complemented by imagery and videos of musicians, their guitars and their incredible backstories. It is a unique experience to see these symbols of musical history and this leading edge design material alongside one another. For more information on reSAWN Timber, email resawn@caragreen.com.

Photo credit: Songbirds Guitar Museum

February Vignette – Feeling the Love

Background: Koskisen – KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 4002 (left) Koskisen – KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Red 3020 (right) Heart, Clockwise Starting at the Bottom: Durat – 450 Durat – 150 Kirei – EchoPanel, 576 IceStone – Morrocan Red reSAWN Timber – Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Pinku Kirei – EchoPanel, 258

December Vignette – Green in 2017

Clockwise From Bottom Left:

Koskisen – KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6029
Kirei – EchoPanel, Hexagon Geo Tile, 362
Torzo – Striata Fusion, Turquoise
Koskisen – KoskiDecor Transparent Plywood, Green 6025
Kirei – EchoPanel, 381
reSAWN Timber – Shou Sugi Ban, Yasai
Durat – 800 & 810
Kirei – EchoPanel, Hex 111

October Vignette – Trick or Treat

From Back to Front:

Kirei – Vee Tile, 151
Wonderwall Studios – Jagger 
ReSAWN Timber – Shou Sugi Ban, Charred Cladding, Matsu
Kirei – EchoPanel, Ceremony 554
IceStone – Tuscan Sunset
Durat – 480
Durat – 062

Orange Is The New White

In this modern mecca of stark white, eye-blasting brightness, we are pleased to see Core Restaurants incorporate orange in its design in three inspiring materials from CaraGreen.  Durat 480 is a bright primary orange that is used for solid surfacing and not only has the highest recycled content in its category, but is seamless, clean and wears well.  Kirei EchoPanel is used for acoustic baffling in color 295 and 151, creates waves on the ceiling for a dramatic, vibrant effect.  ReSawn Timber is used on the walls in color Orenji, which is a charred, brushed cypress with an orange finish that subtly ties the different guests together.  Core restaurants are healthy choose-your-base salad and grain restaurants that cater to the healthier individual consumer who wants a say in what they eat, and wants to feel good about it too.