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PaperStone is one of the most versatile, easy to use, economical materials on the market, and with its matte, organic finish, it is totally en vogue right now. Even so, the masses are still flocking to granite and quartz for their countertop needs.


So why aren’t people using PaperStone?  Maybe it is lack of awareness, maybe it is the word ‘paper’, or maybe it is because PaperStone was caught up in green fatigue and people never really understood it.  Regardless, it performs like stone, cuts like wood, refinishes nearly infinitely and is the perfect hybrid between a seamless solid surface and durable, strong stone. AND it is environmentally friendly.  So if you aren’t using it, you should start now.


Why else, you ask? We’ll tell you why.


The Quartz Quandary

The de facto surfacing materials are granite and quartz – and what a mess they are in right now.  Tariffs approaching 400% across multiple countries including Europe and Asia are burdening what used to be the cheap-o, OK looking standard in marble knock offs, and people who are ordering quartz don’t know if they are going to be getting a $40 a square foot countertop or something two-to-three times that when the material arrives.  There are literally HUNDREDS of quartz suppliers clamoring to be the cheapest, and the quartz race to the bottom is over. Congratulations! You all won.


Cost and Class

But the real winners are materials like PaperStone.  Versatile, established, timeless, and predictable. With a naturally matte finish, not a high gloss burn my eyeballs sheen, PaperStone lets you love it and design around it.  I have it in my own home. My kids stab it, fling meatballs across it, drag pots across it and spill milk, juice and unforgivably wine all over it to no harm.


And while it is effortlessly stylish and durable, it is also economic. PaperStone is made in the U.S.A., so forget about those terrible tariffs and costly containers. Instead, what you get with PaperStone is a durable, easily maintained material that pays for itself in every way.


Health is Wealth

And while we’re talking about cost, what’s more priceless than a non-toxic material made with ZERO silica? On top of the 400% tariffs and continual legislative turmoil, the manufacturing of quartz and similar materials are harmful to human health in the form of exposure to toxic resins and silica. PaperStone is made with recycled paper and non-toxic phenolic resin. No cancerous dust, just layers of recycled paper. It’s a material you can feel good about in every way.


Cuts Like Wood, Hard As Stone, Versatile as Paper 

You know how some people can make the craziest things out of origami paper? That's what we like about PaperStone. Its makeup and performance features make it one of the most versatile materials out there. Need a cutting board? Boom. How about a kitchen countertop? That works too. Then there's cladding, furniture, and sink drains, knives, guitar inlays…the list goes on and on. PaperStone is not just a great countertop alternative, it's a great material for just about any application you can think of. 


The answer to your quartz problems aren’t set in stone, they’re set in paper. Next time you’re looking for a countertop, think beyond quartz and granite and choose PaperStone. Order a sample today or contact us if you want a more in-depth product introduction. Whether you want to learn more about PaperStone or the various quartz alternatives out there, we got you covered. Plus, lunch is on us. Schedule a lunch and learn here.


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