A Checklist for Choosing a Building Materials Distributor

CaraGreen Checklist for Choosing Building Materials Distributor

You have a great product and you are ready to get it to market. Choosing your path to market can be difficult. Do you go at it alone or rely on a distributor to help you get there?  Let’s say you have already opted to partner with a distributor. What are you looking for in a partner? 

If you find yourself at a crossroad and are struggling to figure out what the next step is for your business, our guide can help.  Read more to get access to a checklist we made that makes this process simple. 

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Acoustics 101 - A Succinct Primer on Sound Control

Acoustics 101

Sound control can be daunting.  There are so many acronyms and types of sound.  It is hard to know what sound issues you are even having.  So how do you figure out how to fix them if we don’t even know what the different terms mean?

We'll break it down for you and show you how it relates to the design world. 

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Trading in the Tradeshow - Networking Just Got A LOT Smaller

CaraGreen Trading and Networking

The days of the tradeshow are waning, or largely dead if you listen to some, including me.  Tradeshows are no longer a place to reach your customers and show them what is new. They are no longer a venue for courting new customers and teaching them the valuable aspects of your business and what you can do for them. Rather, tradeshows are places where you network with colleagues, size up the competition and forget which booth they had which product at, relegating you to the internet to go look up what you didn’t know you didn’t know but would have figured out anyway.

Read more to see our bulleted list on how to set up a roundtable discussion, a truly valuable way of networking.

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What’s In Your Wall?

If you don't want to touch it, why would you want to breathe it? 

Havelock Wool Insulation

Read about our latest product - Havelock Wool Insulation!

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What the WELL

CaraGreen WELL Building Standard

Oh great, another building standard.  Oh great, another acronym.

Not so fast, my pessimistic friend.

WELL is a new building standard.  But it is about you. Yes, even you.  Unlike its structure focused predecessors - LEED and Green Globes, WELL is about people and health. 

Read more to learn about the new building standard- WELL.

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Sound Control Gets SEXY

Kirei Sound Control Gets SEXY

You can take your ACT and shove it up your ceiling.  Roll up your carpets, folks, the old school acoustics are sounding off.

Sound control just got really appealing.  Gone are the days of a perforated cube or rectangle suspended in a metal grid hanging 3 feet over your head with water stains from who-knows-what and who-knows-when.  The new generation of sound control is not just colorful, it's three dimensional and incredibly functional.  It is sustainable.

Read more about Kirei and the beautiful benefits of this new acoustical product. 

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Forget Fiberglass, Denim is the New Insulation

Denim Insulation Ultra Touch CaraGreen

Does the idea of living with prickly pink fiberglass above your head and in your walls make you cringe?  Does that nasty attic stuffer make your skin crawl thinking about having to go store your old photos in that itchy pink blanket of awfulness?  There are other options out there, and when Rod Francis met with his contractor to figure out what his options were, he was delighted to find UltraTouch Cotton Insulation.

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How Small Building Material Companies Can Succeed

How Small Building Companies Can Succeed CaraGreen

Success can be elusive for the little guy in the construction world, especially as a material supplier.  When there are huge players like Lowe’s and Home Depot slinging the cheapest of the cheap and offering everything from nails, drywall, crown molding, design, and installation, how can a new entrant slog their way into the space?

It really comes down to a value proposition, which most would agree with. Really, the hardest part of that is finding a place that needs that value.  Value is often associated with “lower cost” which is not necessarily achievable by a small player who has start-up costs, product development costs, or sales & marketing costs to absorb over a small volume of products.  So, if you can’t be the lowest priced, or more competitively priced, where do you compete as a building product?

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Straws Suck, but what are YOU doing about it?

There has been a massive movement to get rid of straws. McDonald’s, Starbucks, and many other take-out and dining establishments have jumped on the bandwagon. Save the straws, save the planet. We think the Straw is a token symbol of the move to get rid of the copious amounts of unneeded plastic that we mindlessly toss away every day. 

CaraGreen Stainless Steel Straws

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Summer Camp coming to learn about Sustainability and rocking their new reusable straws!

Read more to learn six easy ways to go beyond the straw and really make an impact. 

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