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Client: Quinn Evans – Washington DC

Introduction to Gilasi

Gilasi was founded on one core principle: to make better, more environmentally sustainable surfaces. Since 2005, we’ve been doing just that. Gilasi is a recycled glass countertop, containing 77-85% recycled content by weight. We’re serious about safety. Gilasi is 100% VOC-free and crystalline silica free, ensuring a safer home for you and your family, and a safer workplace for our employees.


Quinn Evans’ Washington D.C. Office is pursuing LEED Gold certification. The firm is committed to sustainable principles, which include the use of eco-friendly building materials. Notably, Gilasi Glass stone includes a high percentage of recycled content, aligning with LEED’s Material Ingredient Credit. Understanding the resource content of the selected project finishes was crucial in the design process. The goal was to enhance the quality of the space with healthy materials, in addition to the design aesthetic.

Material Selection Rationale

All the green credentials, aesthetics, and the variation in the glass pieces (different colors, different shapes) are fitting for a kitchen island. The kitchen island is composed of Gilasi Miraca and sets the center stage of our amenity space; a gathering place where a conversation occurs. The countertops and full height backsplash on the perimeter of the kitchen are Gilasi Ice and appear seamless, balancing the dramatic focus of the island. Because of this unique material, the island becomes a conversation starter for sustainable design.


With Gilasi countertops we were able to achieve a clean, subtle look for the kitchen counters. As a designer, this allowed us variety in selecting the kitchen island which includes bits and pieces of varied kinds of recycled glass. Visitors always ask what the kitchen island is made of. It continues to be a good story and talking point about recycled content that is visible and understandable.


About Gilasi Recycled Glass Materials

Chicago-based Gilasi is a sustainability-first producer of quality recycled glass building materials. Gilasi was founded on one core principle: to make better, environmentally sustainable surfaces. Their products offer a great, unique, and colorful look without sacrificing on sustainability or health and safety best practices. Free of both VOCs and crystalline silica, Gilasi meets the highest standard for installer safety. Its durable and easy-to-clean surfaces is perfect for use in a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom applications. Gilasi is ultra-durable, easy-to-clean, and made from up to 85% recycled material. What’s not to like?

To learn more about Gilasi, visit their website or check out CaraGreen’s Gilasi product gallery. If you’re interested in using Gilasi for an upcoming renovation or new kitchen or bathroom build, feel free to contact us for a sample or quote.

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