Greening the Community



Sustainable materials- not just in regards to material composition! Some recent projects have been completed showing how products we offer can be used to further the social sustainability of local communities.


Domestic squabble? You would not mind spending the night in this dog house! Designed by D2 Architecture in Dallas, TX using PaperStone leather, this Palatial Pup Palace is a Geriatric German Shepard’s dream. Specifically designed for the Bark n Build contest, D2 created this aging-canine focused structure out of PaperStone spines and a stretch tension fabric. Easy-access features like a dog-ramp and easily accessible food and water make this entry a definite contender for top prize. We were excited to provide materials to D2 and hope PaperStone gives them a leg up on the competition. The entries of the competition we auctioned off after its completion, with all proceeds benefiting the local animal shelter, making this competition a winner in our book!


Another important example of green materials bettering a community can be found locally in Raleigh, NC, specifically at Reedy Creek Elementary School. In an effort to join the world-wide anti-bullying campaign, Buddy Benches for this installation were created out of Durat to give kids a safe place to sit when they are being bullied or looking for a friend or playmate. Kids see their peers sitting on the bench and are encouraged to go up and make a new friend. This encourages community between students and we couldn't be happier to bring sustainable materials into this realm of social sustainablity. 

Have other ideas where sustainable materials can make a difference in your community? Share with us!


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