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If you know me as your rep, you have probably come to realize I get super jazzed up about our product lines. No doubt, you have seen me whip out each collection grinning ear to ear. Literally, on the verge of bouncing off the wall with excitement as I share all of the design, health, and sustainability benefits.


So, when I learned that we were being given the opportunity to choose a product of our choice and create a DIY project – Yup. I spazzed out. 


A few nights later as my partner, Luke and I were sitting on the porch discussing our (oops) over-purchased number of plants. We started outlining a plan to build planters out of repurposed wood from our garage. 

Ding,ding,ding. Insert light bulb, insert girl spilling wine, now insert girl jumping up and down yelling DURAT


Thank god, this man is my soulmate. He calmly smiled, nodded his head and said -Ok,Durat it is.

Fast forward a few weeks later. The Durat, adhesive, and gun have arrived. It was go-time. The “set” was strung up in the garage and we quickly got sucked into an amazing creative, seamless collaboration. Ok admittingly, there may have been one or two “Hollywood” moments but nothing a good director couldn't reel in. 



Assembling and gluing the Durat pieces was incredibly simple and man, that adhesive is SUPER strong. We made our final movie cuts and lastly we applied the genius of David Byrne / Talking Heads. Frankly, we were a bit taken back by the outcome. The Durat planter was beautiful & the movie told the story perfectly. Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/nCXBZJyxgrM

Truly, a reflective result of a sustainable product that tells your story and tells it beautifully. Durat. 


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