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Our Products as Ted Lasso Characters

Ted Lasso has been a delightfully positive break for many people amidst the doom and gloom of late. The CaraGreen team was thrilled to see the show recognized for its brilliance at the Emmys, so in Ted Lasso fashion, we’ve been inspired to interrupt our typical seriousness with a blog that we hope is both clever and slightly ridiculous. We have paired several of our sustainable product lines with Ted Lasso characters. If you know the show, you might have a laugh and learn something, and if you have not watched it yet at least you might be inspired to do so.

CaraGreen has spent years drafting a product mix of older pros, up and coming new talent, and foreign transplants looking to make it in the big leagues! 

You may know our starting line up but we promise you’ve never been introduced like this. 

Welcome to the pitch….

Durat as Jamie Tartt     Durat as Jamie Tartt

A mean, green, scoring machine, Durat solid surface is one tough player in the countertop arena. Like our favorite frenemy, Jamie Tartt, Durat can change colors quickly. Navy not agreeing with your paint swatches? Try on one of Durat’s other shades of blue (Man City, maybe?) or go rogue and create your own custom color (but remember reality TV isn’t for everyone). Durat has a soft side too, though–made with up to 28% recycled content, each slab of Durat diverts 28 lbs (or 12.7 kilos) of rubbish from the waste stream.



Image Source: bestgamingpro.com


Lapitec as Roy Kent
Lapitec as Roy Kent

He’s here, he’s there, he’s every…where! Lapi-tec, Lapi-tec! That’s right, Lapitec is our most versatile asset, performing brilliantly as flooring, cladding, AND countertops, both on the field (exteriors) and in the coach’s office (interiors). Now, don’t let the neutral palette and need to be taken seriously fool you, Lapitec is a team player through and through. Lapitec cares about the environment (their facility runs completely on renewable energy) and its coworkers (Lapitec has low to no crystalline silica). And did we mention that Lapitec looks really good paired with Organoid…




Image Source: imgix.bustle.com

Organoid as Keeley JonesOrganoid as Keeley Jones

Organoid is an absolute star! The daisy in a field of wet grass, the breath of fresh air when you leave the gym, Organoid Natural Surfaces is by far the prettiest, best smelling thing we’ve got on the team. The core of Organoid’s surfaces is alpine hay, a natural beautbut loves to dress up in flowers and frills. But just because Organoid might look like a sunflower or smell like a rose, she is no shrinking violet!  Organoid can create eye-catching displays or add unique value to branded merchandise. Like Keeley, Organoid is the expert on posing for a photo, putting the best foot forward and brightening up a room.


Image Source: rockstarjackets.com



elementAl as Sam Obisanya
elementAl as Sam Obisanya

Our environmental warrior! elementAl is the real deal when it comes to recycled content. Like Sam, elementAl understands that pollution is a problem and is willing to go big to make a change. elementAl Light is 93% recycled acrylic from post-industrial medical waste and elementAl Heavy is 87%. Transparent and bright, elementAl makes for a great leader when it comes to doing the right thing. Never settle for fine when the perfect material may be right in front of you.




Image Source: tvline.com



PaperStone as Coach NatePaperStone as Coach Nate

Nothing flashy, just a smart, honest hard worker that doesn’t get enough credit. PaperStone has been in the green business for a while now and they’ve got some great ideas when it comes to performance. Sometimes, PaperStone gets stepped on (did you know you can use it for stair treads?) but it’s made of strong stuff that won’t quit easily. Even if it gets a little beat up, PaperStone can be refinished and ready to go in no time. PaperStone might seem like a homebody, perfect for a quiet residential life, but there is a place for it in the spotlight of large commercial projects as well.




Image Source: artworks.thetvdb.com



Gilasi as Ted LassoGilasi as Ted Lasso

Gilasi recycled glass surfaces are a product of pure American ingenuity and optimism. With roots as a small company in Chicago, USA, Gilasi has homegrown charm, but is stylish enough for the big city. There might be some broken pieces inside but they are essential to the character of Gilasi and critical to the journey. As a company, Gilasi has always been committed to bettering its community. They not only source local recycled glass but also purchase carbon offsets for their manufacturing facility and commuter emissions. If there is something you want, just ask! Gilasi can customize a recipe to suit anyone’s taste, all you have to do is Believe. 





Image Source: img.republicworld.com


Who are you drafting for your next win? Let them scrimmage first by ordering some samples or have us draft up a contract for review by requesting a quote.

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