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Biophilic Design At Home In 5 Easy Steps

The latest trend in interior design: Biophilic Design, is the incorporation of natural elements using design techniques to improve the environment, employee well-being, and productivity. The philosophy behind Biophilic Design is more than just theory. This practice offers case studies and data that back up this type of design and shows how retail, commercial, school, health & hospital building and its employees can benefit substantially by incorporating the principles of biophilic design.

We have crunched the numbers, read case studies, and done the dirty work for you. Let’s break it down into Biophilic Design At Home In 5 Easy Steps. Read the steps below –

1)  A Visual Connection with Nature

Providing a visual connection to nature in your home office or workspace gives you a calming object to focus on, which relaxes eye muscles and prevents cognitive fatigue. These could be photos of nature or paintings of animals. You can also create a visual connection to nature in your space by incorporating colors like blue and green from Durat Solid Surfaces that reflect Earthy tones or wood elements.


2) Presence of Natural Elements

The presence of Natural Elements in a space creates a sensory connection to nature through audio, textural, smell or taste experiences. A  proven biophilic design element that optimizes a space is adding plants and flowers to your work area. You can also design your office space using various surfacing materials like PaperStone that are warm to the touch. Or try adding a fountain in your office and feel your worries trickle away.


3) Windows

Sitting near a window allows you to find a serene moment with shadows and light movement as clouds dance by. Windows also allow occupants of a space to have control over the climate based on their preference. Studies show that a static, unvarying climate environment leads to boredom and productivity loss. Orient your work space to optimize window glazing and temperature controls.


4) Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic and diffused lighting in a workspace creates a positive response due to the production of serotonin which stimulates receptors that result in positive physiological response and enhanced performance and alertness. Ideal Lighting incorporates more white light in the day and suppresses blue light at night to match Circadian patterns. Situate your desk to get various amounts of light as the sun shifts throughout the day and play with lighting controls using shades and screens like EzoBord Work Zone Dividers.

5) A Physical Connection with Nature

We’re talking about PETS people! Get a goldfish for your desk, bring your dog to work, move your cat’s bed into your home office. Keep those furry friends close by. Having pets in the office has been shown to reduce stress and make employees feel more relaxed and comfortable. A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction and to improve morale! If you needed one more reason to be Pro Pets, employees of pet-friendly businesses tend to work longer hours and have fewer absences.

If you still have questions about Biophilic Design or would like to learn more about Biophilic Design in the Built Environment please check out our education page and contact us here!

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