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You can never have too much gray in a space. Gray is the color that goes with everything and is always timeless. 

As HGTV says it best, “If you long for serenity, using the color gray in your home decor is a great place to start. Gray has an inherent calmness and sophistication. You can choose a solid gray that symbolizes strength, or go for a softer gray that offers a more delicate feel. While some find gray murky and depressing, others respond to gray's ability to make other colors sing. A favorite neutral of designers, many use it as a background color, or mix different tones and shades of gray together to create a feel of simple glamour. Gray can also soften a loud sofa or provide the perfect backdrop that allows wood accents to shine. While some consider gray too serious for a playful space like a child's bedroom or relaxed family room, many shades and tones of gray are ideal for masculine spaces like a den.”

This month's vignette is inspired by the color GRAY.  Read more to see what materials we chose! 

CaraGreen's July Sustainable Vignette Grays Galore

Background:  Lapitec, Grigio Cemento, Dune
Clockwise from left:
Kirei EchoPanel, Hex, 542
PaperStone, Cladding, Storm
reSAWN, Howaito
IceStone, Fogbound
PaperStone, Charcoal
Lapitec, Grigio Cemento, Fossil
Koskisen, grey 7001

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