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Lapitec Joins Modern Surfaces Movement
Surfacing Industry Leader Vows to Create Better
Raleigh, NC – March 8, 2018 – With the emerging sintered stone trend in surfacing, Modern Surfaces is pleased to have industry leader, Lapitec, join their movement. Modern Surfaces is comprised of several materials companies determined to Create Better. Lapitec is the next generation of surfacing and was an ideal partner for Modern Surfaces, as they are a true innovator in this space. 

Based in Italy, Lapitec’s products do not contain any resins and are created under high heat, similar to metamorphic rock formation. Their surface holds up to heat, cold, scratching, staining, and etching while being anti-microbial and hydrophilic. It also has the ability to clean the air as it breaks down pollution by using its innovative Bio-Care technology. Lapitec reacts with UV light to reduce harmful pollutants in the air and can be used for interior and exterior countertops, flooring, as well as wall cladding. It is available in a variety of thicknesses and textures, allowing for inherent anti-slip in flooring applications Lapitec has through body color and patterning, allowing for attractive edge options.

Modern Surfaces is a truly unique partnership, bringing together beautiful, sustainable materials from manufacturers and distributors that share the same beliefs: design transcends designer, function can be emotional, beauty should be essential, and creation is an endless possibility.

“The addition of Lapitec reinforces the efforts of Modern Surfaces to bring the design community alternative materials to granite and quartz that contribute to the health and well being of buildings, people, and the planet,” said Jessica McNaughton, President of CaraGreen, one of the companies which spearheaded the Modern Surfaces movement. Modern Surfaces is constantly looking for innovators and leaders in the sustainable materials industry to help the world Create Better. For more information, email: info@modern-surfaces.com


Modern Surfaces is a partnership comprised of Durat, IceStone, Lapitec, and PaperStone along with distributors CaraGreen and Cerami Inc., sustainable materials brands and distributors passionate about creating beauty and utility out of waste. More information regarding Modern Surfaces can be found at www.modern-surfaces.com. For press requests, contact Melinda Jackson at pr@modern-surfaces.com

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