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Textures are in. Surfaces that make you want to touch them and offer a finish that is not simply polished, like most natural stone and granite, are the holy grail in the design space right now. Being able to design around something that is not glaring and reflecting light all over the place offers designers a way to showcase all of the elements of a space and not have to navigate around a surface that is serving as a disco ball.

PaperStone has always had a matte finish, organic look, and wears in without wearing out. It can be left as is, with a raw, warm feel, or polished up to a slight gloss.

Lapitec offers eight finishes, from the smooth Lux, to the slightly subtle Satin, a rough, lava stone like Vesuvio and all the textures in between.  A natural anti-slip flooring, or gentle, run-your-hand-along me wall or countertop, Lapitec can wrap the interior or exterior of a building with its suite of textures, and unmatched UV stain and scratch resistance.

To experience these alternatives to the glaring surface we have become so used to, email us at info@caragreen.com to stop by or have samples sent your way.

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