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Everybody likes a little competition. OK, a lot of competition. While NCAA playoffs descend upon us, we thought we would reflect on our own approach to competition. There is usually no benefit to one player in a product category, it makes that category suspect and invalidated. It is like having that one guy on the team who hogs the ball. It is hard to win that way. Having other companies that share the product category with you is important.

Take sintered stone. Lapitec is one brand. Dekton and Neolith are the two others. (We are not getting into all the me-too porcelains, they are not sintered stone). Without the other two, there is not a product category. They validate the category and should all grow together. PaperStone is another brand. It’s primary competitor is Richlite. Good, they validate the composite category, despite being competitors. It is pretty simple. You should welcome competition but know how to differentiate at the same time.

Now, when it comes to the NCAA, we don’t have any advice there. We would have a Devil of a time telling you who may win and who may Pack it in. There is no need to be Cavalier about it if you win or go wallow in your Boilermaker if you lose. Good luck with your picks and best of luck from the Tarheel State.

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