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Durat USA Certified Red List Free through the Declare Program

Durat Solid Surface material is now certifiably free of Red List chemicals and has the Declare label to prove it.

Durat USA, manufacturer of colorful, seamless solid surface sheets made with up to 28% recycled plastics, has received the coveted designation of Red List Free. The solid surface products now have a Declare Label through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). ILFI has developed several standards and certification systems for sustainable and healthy buildings, products, and companies. Many brands are adding the Declare Label to their list of certifications because its “nutrition label” style is easy for designers and consumers to read and understand. 

Durat’s Declare Label, which can be viewed on the ILFI website, includes a list of ingredients, end of life options, product life expectancy, and red list status. Part of the Declare Label creation process requires assessing the material ingredients for any Red List chemicals. The Red List includes the worst substances that pose serious risk to human health and ecosystems.

Durat USA is proud to share its Declare Label with the public and hopes that the transparency provided by this investment will help building professionals make choices for healthier and more sustainable spaces.


About Durat

Durat is based in Finland and represented by CaraGreen in North America. Durat is a unique, sustainable solid surface material which contains recycled post industrial plastics and is 100% recyclable. The material was designed for the circular economy and can be turned into new products through Durat’s material take back program. Durat can be customized to meet any design needs upon request. Easy maintenance and hard-wearing properties make it an ideal material for various kinds of commercial interiors, such as bathrooms, kitchens and public places.


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