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Upon relocating into a former dining facility, Belmont Central and Student Organizations were confronted with a problem: how to manage the acoustics of an exposed ceiling in an educational setting. Kirei’s EchoSky acoustic system solved that problem in a visually appealing and highly effective manner, with its long, streamlined ceiling panels. According to Janet Wennerlund of Earl Swensson Associates in Nashville, TN, “We chose to remove the existing ceilings and expose the structure so overhead acoustics needed to be addressed in a non-traditional format. EchoSky provided that acoustic solution. Its low profile was an important characteristic as well given the low heights of the structure and mechanical services. The clean contemporary aesthetic of the system married well with the student-centric vibe of the interior. And the general contractor commented on the ease of assembly and installation. If a GC focuses in on a product in that manner I consider it a win/win.”

Photo credit: Janet Wennerland, Interior Designer at Earl Swensson Associates

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