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The epitome of surfacing materials has arrived.  A material that can be used indoor and out as a countertop, flooring, on walls or as external cladding. While the applications are unlimited, the performance is even more jaw-dropping. Lapitec sintered stone surfaces clean the air. That is right, they remove pollutants from indoor and outdoor air. One of the most common outdoor and indoor pollutants, NOx, (pronounced “knocks”) is a family of pollutants that includes Nitric oxide (NO) and Nitrogen dioxide (NO2). These are gases known to form acid rain and smog, and are also responsible for the existence of particulate matter (PM) which are an indicator of air toxicity. Lapitec surfaces incorporate Bio-Care technology into the slabs of material which removes the NOx from the air. Photocatalysis, which is the reaction of light and a catalyst (TiO2), helps spur the reaction in an exterior environment and breaks the pollutant down. Titanium Dioxide has been studied extensively for this purpose and Lapitec has used that technology to make an amazing, nearly indestructible surface, even better. The next level of sustainability has been achieved.

For more information on the self-cleaning properties of Lapitec, or for a lunch and learn on the material, email lapitec@caragreen.com.

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