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Stop shoving toxic, pink fiberglass in your walls! If you can’t touch it, why do you want to breathe it? We are proud to partner with Havelock Wool, in promoting their wool insulation as a healthy alternative to fiberglass. This responsibly harvested insulation performs better acoustically, regulates humidity within the wall cavity, and permanently removes toxins from the air. Unmatched by any other insulation product on the market, wool insulation is now readily available in the US, with Havelock Wool leading the way. The structure of the wool fiber is the secret to the performance, and hundreds of years of evolution have perfected this fiber, which when used as insulation, can make any space healthier. So go ahead, count your sheep and sleep well knowing that you can breathe easy without the fear of fiberglass. Available as loose fill or batts (R7, R13, and R20), Havelock Wool can cover the whole building envelope.

Please email wool@caragreen.com for free samples.

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