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We told you the color of the year was…drumroll…grey? How exciting! Grey! Everyone loves grey: 50 shades of grey, marble with grey veining, blah blah blah. Well, what if you want color? I'm talking about eye-popping, jazz me up, get me out of bed in the morning, make me love my job, color. Feed me more, rev me up, make me run an extra mile, color. Most building materials jumped on the Greyhound bus and haven’t gotten off yet, but we have colorful suggestions to offer: Durat Solid Surface, in 70 vibrant colors; Koskisen, a superior grade Finnish plywood with integral color faced wood grains; reSAWN Charred Timber, in orange, pink, green, red, and blue; Kirei EchoPanel, acoustical treatments – baffles, cloud shapes, stars, and sheets – available in brilliant colors. These brands have doubled down on color and gone against the grey'n.

For samples of something that really invites creativity with color, email us your request at info@caragreen.com

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