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When West Desoto County Schools were looking for an acoustic treatment for their Career Centers, EchoPanel Dune tiles were up to the job.  According to Michael Lebel at architecture firm Allen & Hoshall in Memphis, TN, “One primary goal of the building was to expose a lot of the materials, structure, and building systems to use as a teaching tool for the students.  This meant we had to come up with something to help reduce noise transmission through the corridor areas since most of the materials were not absorbing much sound. The EchoPanel Dune tile was a great solution.  Everyone really enjoys the texture and form of the material versus the flat bland fabric panel.  The contractor was very pleased with the ease of installation.”  Lebel chose Kirei EchoPanel Dune tiles in color 542 for the installation. He said, “I really enjoy the way it interacts with the light during different times of the day as well as how the dynamic of the material changes with different viewing angles.”

Kirei EchoPanel is available in bright colors and patterns and in a variety of systems for a more economical acoustic solution.  More information can be found here or by calling 919.929.3009.

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