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We were so excited to do a photo shoot at Marble Children’s Museum in Downtown Raleigh and see all the vibrant installations of Durat solid surface. Chosen for its sleek, bright colors (think jammy purples, confetti whites and electric greens), Durat was a must-have for the designers when they were looking for a solid surface that would match the energy and excitement of the clientele.  


Used in the “Seedlings” section, Durat color 810 is a bright green to match the plants and trees that the children engage with as they explore and grow with their own creations.   

Durat 750 is the truest purple and provides the transaction counter in the gift shop. Seamless, clean and healthy, Durat and kids are a perfect match: inspiring, unbounded and uplifting.


Durat is great in kitchens for all ages. This kitchen counter by Durat space is in color 260. 


Durat is the perfect material for any kid-friendly space. Popular for the bright colors, easy to clean abilities and durability, it is becoming more popular across the nation. Durat is also made from recycled plastic which makes it a great addition to a home going sustainable. 

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