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A Brief History of Greenbuild

The GreenBuild show has morphed over the years.  A decade ago, it was the place to go to see the new green building materials that were coming to market and stay up to speed on the latest and greatest in green products. Over time, as trade shows lost their informational luster due to Google and online perusing, GreenBuild saw its attendees diminish and its cross-section of vendors start to bend the spectrum on what was actually green.


For a couple of years, CaraGreen opted not to exhibit, as we found ourselves staring confusedly at massage chairs, vinyl flooring and PVC companies, many who did not know themselves why there were even there.   And they certainly had no business labeling themselves as green. It seemed that the rules were bent to secure exhibitors, and the quality of exhibitors dropped dramatically.


Exhibiting at GreenBuild no longer puts you among the sustainable elite, but rather just another schmuck willing to shell out $10K for a banner and some unverified claims.


From Cradle to Comeback

In recent years, as WELL building, mindful materials and Cradle to Cradle start to reestablish themselves as torchbearers at GreenBuild, the cache has started to come back and the messaging and progress of the industry is being shouldered by these companies.  The tradeshow floor still needs some qualification, but the direction and those driving the show are picking up steam.


So, should CaraGreen exhibit at GreenBuild?

Hesitant to jump back into the tradeshow fray with a cookie-cutter booth and the boilerplate set up, we decided if we were going to have a booth, if we were going to the Convention Center, we would be the center of the unconventional.


This year we are flipping the script. We are taking your typical product install with some overly verbose literature about your materials, and we are tossing them out.  


CaraGreen is going to have a  Pop Up Shop at GreenBuild. Literally a sample studio where you can cradle your latte and order your samples.   Designers will be like kids in a sample candy store, with colorful, beautiful samples throughout the booth. Take samples with you or have CaraGreen send them post-show, but get what you want when you want it.  Instant gratification.  


Designers walk the show floor hoping to find those beautiful new materials that meet their healthy building, or sustainable requirements.  This year, we are giving it to them.  


See you at GreenBuild in Atlanta.


Check out the CaraGreen Samples Studio at booth 2032 on November 20-21. For a free exhibitor pass, use our code CARA0MJ207.

Click here to register: https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar?evt_uid=375&Company_code=CARA0MJ207&promocode=REFERRAL

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