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March Vignette – Get Sprung

Products in background from top to bottom: Koskisen – Eco Transparent Plywood, Green 6025 Plyboo – Linear Line, LL5, Amber Kirei – Geometry Tiles, Oblong, 579 Products in foreground clockwise from top: Lapitec – Bianco Polare, Fossil Durat – 012 Lapitec – Velvet, Berlin Lapitec – Moca, Lux…

January Vignette – I Want Scandi

Products from bottom to top: Barkhouse – White Birch Lapitec – Lux, Sahara Lapitec – Lux, Grigio Cemento PaperStone – Slate  Koskisen – Eco Transparent Plywood, White 9001 Durat – 221  IceStone – Sky Pearl

Don’t Be Scandi-less In 2019

We always keep a keen eye on our Northern European friends in Finland, Sweden, and Norway to see what is trending in the design world and are excited to see sustainable and decorative wood continue to dominate the interior and…

We Upgraded Our Showroom(s)

While we did upgrade our showroom and warehouse, our website is our virtual showroom, where designers can peruse all of our brands and curate their own sample collection for their projects. Products like Bark House, Durat, TorZo, and Koskisen resonate with designers and architects. Share the website with them as it is a virtual online library from which to design: caragreen.com

If in person is your thing, call to set up a time to come by:  919.929.3009

November Vignette – Metro AF

Products from top to bottom:

Benjamin Moore – Metropolitan AF-690
Durat – 031
PaperStone – Slate
Kirei – EchoPanel Geometry Tiles, Penta, 551
HBF Textiles – Lava Rock, White Hot, 993-10
Wonderwall Studios – Parker
HBF Textiles – Merci Boucle, Fleur, 955-40

Where Have All The Colors Gone?

We told you the color of the year was…drumroll…grey? How exciting! Grey! Everyone loves grey: 50 shades of grey, marble with grey veining, blah blah blah. Well, what if you want color? I'm talking about eye-popping, jazz me up, get me out of bed in the morning, make me love my job, color. Feed me more, rev me up, make me run an extra mile, color. Most building materials jumped on the Greyhound bus and haven’t gotten off yet, but we have colorful suggestions to offer: Durat Solid Surface, in 70 vibrant colors; Koskisen, a superior grade Finnish plywood with integral color faced wood grains; reSAWN Charred Timber, in orange, pink, green, red, and blue; Kirei EchoPanel, acoustical treatments – baffles, cloud shapes, stars, and sheets – available in brilliant colors. These brands have doubled down on color and gone against the grey'n.

For samples of something that really invites creativity with color, email us your request at info@caragreen.com

This Color is Metro AF

Hello hipsters, millennials, whatevers! We carry Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019 – Metropolitan AF, a neutral warm grey that goes with pretty much anything. We have been busy pairing the color up with some of our favorite surfaces to create some stylish vignettes that bridge subtlety with sexy AF (see our vignette below!). Metropolitan city dwellers, suburban socialites, and mountaintop men alike will all be well served by this bi-partisan color that arrives in the form of Lapitec, Durat, Koskisen, and PaperStone surfaces for furnishing, tables, counters and cabinetry.

To get samples of our Metro AF look-alikes, email us at info@caragreen.com


With all the tariffs and duties being smacked onto building materials, the case for buying products made in the USA is even stronger. IceStone countertops are made in Brooklyn; Durat solid surface and sinks are made in Georgia; PaperStone is made in Washington; Beautiful, economical solutions exist right here, right now. And with China no longer accepting our recycled material, we need local products made with our own recycled materials. IceStone recycled glass, Durat recycled plastics, and PaperStone recycled paper all keep waste out of the landfill and create stunning surfaces.

For samples of these sustainable quartz alternatives, email us at info@caragreen.com