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Choosing Building Materials Wisely

Choosing Building Materials Wisely – Optimize your choices to create better. Read along here.   We often get asked, as curators of sustainable building materials, “What is the perfect material?” The answer is complicated.  Mostly because there isn’t one.  No perfect…

Episode 61- Recycling Hacks with Rob Hacker

Build Green Live Green, CaraGreen Healthy Building Products podcast episode 61- Recycling Hacks with Rob Hacker: What you can and cannot recycle. CaraGreen Sales Manager and recycling Guru talks recycling, best practice, and tips and tricks for everyday recycling.

DIY Durat Flower Boxes

If you know me as your rep, you have probably come to realize I get super jazzed up about our product lines. No doubt, you have seen me whip out each collection grinning ear to ear. Literally, on the verge of…

Jessica’s DIY Office Transformation

When I unwittingly picked up my second occupation as a part-time teacher to three elementary school children (despite no actual interest or skill in teaching), I encountered two problems: the aforementioned lack of desire to do this job, and the…