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Ready to get in sync with the new reality?  Here are a few tips, just in time for the return to offices, retail, restaurants and schools.

Bringin Flexi Back

All too quickly we flocked to open layouts and floor plans that highlighted exposed beams and noisy concrete floors that we sloshed our microbrews and lattes all over while we compared notes on Netflix shows.  We face a stark reality: it is a no-go on communal affairs and water cooler chat.  To get people back to the office we are going to need to create flexible spaces where you can chill out (alone) in a pod or acoustically comfortable space, and well spaced common areas where we can ease back into our quarters, which may never be quite so close as they were.

Give me some Space, Cowboy

People got used to space and distance between them and others and (in most cases) became very efficient at home.  Going back to offices of coworking spaces, as well as restaurants are going to require us to make some concessions as far as space, but so too, will the spaces have to accommodate the need for more distance between tables, seating and people in general.

I can hear you from here, Karen, no need to yell.  (check out these great partition options form Kirei with EchoPanel, Akuart and more!)

This I Promise You

We got pretty click happy when it came to spending sprees, exploring food delivery, clothing and other website delivery options we otherwise would not have looked into if we were still unabashedly cruising the wine aisle.  (I am looking at you Total Wine).  To get people out of their keyboard conundrum, retail spaces are going to have to offer a compelling experience that not only gets you away from your screen, but gives you the same level of satisfaction and comfort.  We have heard from many retailers that they are hoping to marry the at home, online ease with the in store experience.  Building biophilic elements and nature into retail spaces, as well as incorporating materials with sustainable backstories seems like a major shift in retail design going forward.  Organoid Surfaces include a myraid of natural surfaces various “carriers” or backings to add biophilic elements to any space. If you want to make a shift in your retail space try Durat Solid Surfaces with an amazing sustainable back story.

Bye, Bye, Bye

We know things have changed.  Some things permanently.  We will say goodbye to 100% work from home.  We will say goodbye to our children as they finally get on the bus.  We will say goodbye to the phrases “Get off Youtube and do your work” and “You’re on Mute.”  Just kidding, those last two are here to stay.

(You can check out CaraGreen on YouTube, here)

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