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CaraGreen Announces Additions to Organoid’s Summer Collection 
Natural Surfaces that engage your sense, evoking summer all year


RALEIGH, NC, September, 22, 2021CaraGreen, the trusted source for healthier building materials, announced today the availability of six new colors from Organoid’s Summer Collection. This collection introduces fresh ways to engage your senses this season. This series features the calming scent of lavender, the brilliant hues of flower petals, and the luscious texture of coffee beans.

Each surface has a unique composition of natural elements harvested in Austria. Some, like Kornbluama Blau and Sunnabluamabliatn, feature one type of flower petal, while Bliatnpracht Light combines colorful petals and moss. Other raw materials like alpine hay, daisies, and coffee powder provide scents that vary in strength, captivating multiple senses in every environment. 

Available on various carrier materials from self adhesive, flax, fleece, HPL, flexi, and pure, the Summer Collection by Organoid is an ideal natural surface for wallpaper, flooring, or acoustic panels, in offices, DIY projects, hotels and much more. 

The new colors of the collection are:

Bliatnpracht Light – Moss and colorful petals (rose, red and blue cornflower, sunflower) on wallpaper with a white background

Kornbluama Blau – Blue cornflower petals on natural non-woven flax backing

Sunnabluamabliatn – Sunflower petals on translucent self-adhesive film

Lawendl – Lavender stalks and blossoms on high pressure laminate

Kafeeleder – Coffee grounds on a flexible carrier

Bergwiesn – Alpine hay with marguerite flowers, Edelweiss and other colorful petals on natural non-woven flax backing


About Organoid Technologies

Organoid Technologies GmbH is a young and innovative company located in Tyrol, Austria. The company’s mission is to produce beautiful natural surfaces using sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes. Organoid’s surfaces can be applied by architects, carpenters, interior and acoustic designers in various ways to bring the natural beauty of nature into the interior environment. Besides its stock collection, which is available at any time, Organoid also designs special surfaces according to its client’s own concepts. Organoid’s patented, award-winning technology has been represented at many fairs and conventions worldwide. www.organoids.com/en.

About CaraGreen

CaraGreen LLC, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, distributes eco-friendly products as healthier alternatives to conventional building materials. CaraGreen matches the needs of architects, designers and builders, identifying and supplying beautiful and technically advanced products that help mitigate adverse effects on people and the environment. CaraGreen offers support for all project types ranging from residential kitchens to corporate environments. The company offers a variety of brands and environmentally-friendly products, including surfacing materials, acoustic solutions, insulation and exterior cladding. CaraGreen also works to educate design and building communities on how products can contribute to creating healthier spaces. To start a conversation with CaraGreen, please visit: caragreen.com.

CaraGreen Company Contact: Jessica McNaughton | 919.348.6679 | jessica@caragreen.com


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