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CaraGreen Launches Visualization Tool for Sustainable Designers

See your products in real-time in your own space with new tool for visualizing healthier, greener designs

RALEIGH, NC, September 6, 2022 – CaraGreen, the trusted source for healthier building materials, announced a new partnership with Roomvo, provider of visualization tools for the building materials industry. This new tool allows users to click on many of CaraGreen’s sustainable finishes and render them in an online environment, including one of your own. Simply take a photo of a room of your choice, upload it and see any of the countertop options in the space. Alternatively, you can choose one of the standard room options and visualize one of the finishes in the stock room options, both commercial and residential.

As the building industry migrates online, from sample ordering and project perusal to transparency documentation and data analytics, manufacturers are having to identify creative ways to give designers the ability to create and design without the constraints of an office commute and disorganized sample library. CaraGreen’s partnership with Roomvo does just that by giving the designers and architects a valuable tool to bring their ideas to life. The Roomvo partnership is another step toward a turnkey value proposition for the design community that CaraGreen strives to offer with its suite of sustainable products, and its goal of being the one-stop shop for the sustainable design community looking for products with good footprints and good stories that owners and designers can be passionate about.

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About CaraGreen: CaraGreen LLC, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, distributes eco-friendly products as healthier alternatives to conventional building materials. CaraGreen matches the needs of architects, designers and builders, identifying and supplying beautiful and technically advanced products that help mitigate adverse effects on people and the environment. Projects range from residential kitchens to corporate environments and hospitality. Products include surfacing materials, acoustic solutions, flooring and exterior cladding. CaraGreen focuses on educating the design and building communities to increase awareness of products that contribute to creating healthier spaces. The Company offers a variety of brands and environmentally-friendly solutions. To start a conversation with CaraGreen, please visit: caragreen.com.

About Roomvo: Roomvo is the top visualization solution for the interior decor industry. This proprietary technology has a proven track record of increasing sales by allowing consumers to preview products in their own rooms in just seconds. Millions of consumers have used Roomvo at leading brands around the world. To learn more, visit get.roomvo.com or send an email to hello@roomvo.com.


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