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PaperStone takes a seat along some of the most revered furniture designs with this stunning bench, designed and assembled by Austin Bryant Moore.  Using durable PaperStone sheets and a CNC router, the company turned Pewter PaperStone into this beautiful work of art.  This is testament to the workability and versatility of this material, which can be used for applications from Lab tops and intricate furniture to cutting boards, kitchen worktops, and tabletops.  For more information on PaperStone and getting samples, please email paperstone@caragreen.com.

  • Scott M. Moore, Owner and Furniture Maker at Austin Bryant Moore located indowntown Franklin, Tennessee (just south of Nashville) designed and built this beautiful bench made entirely of PaperStone.  It was recently presented atthe ICFF Show which is a high end luxury furniture fair held in Miami, Florida annually and received rave reviews at this year's show.

    Scott said, “I liked the idea of a stable green product that is easily machinable, but also strong. The idea actually came from using PaperStone on other products and thought that a segmented concept could work using PaperStone.”  He chose PaperStone in Pewter that was 10 mm thick (0.394″).   

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