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How big is the home remodeling market? Over $340B in 2015 according to the The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. The study also showed that remodeling activity increased dramatically when homeowners were older than 30. This seems intuitive, that more seasoned homeowners will have more discretionary income to spend on remodels. But where does that leave the millennials and Gen Y-ers who want to move into a space and put their “fingerprint” on it, but may not have the budget to do a complete “blingy quartz” or “faux marble” overhaul to their kitchen?

What happens to these eco-conscious, environmentally-savvy entry level homeowners who don’t want granite and know the backstory of where it comes from, and frankly, see it as a dated version of the countertop their parents had?

Enter PaperStone. Not only is it easy to fabricate, and can be done with standard woodworking tools, it is as durable as any stone and is only surpassed in strength by steel. Made with over 50% recycled paper, this waste-reducing surface is impervious to water, as the paper fibers are fully encapsulated by a petro-free resin that creates a beautiful organic top that ages in place and becomes even more beautiful as it wears.

Remodeling contractors have an opportunity to capture the mid-range remodeling market with products like PaperStone, that they can fabricate and install themselves, achieving the durability of stone without engaging costly stone fabricators, whom their clients may not be able to afford.

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